FOM University relies on blockchain for certificate certification

The FOM University has been cooperating with the start-up TrustCerts since August 19 in order to be able to verify the certificates using blockchain technology.

Ten percent of German university degrees are said to have been changed in some way. In other European countries this number should be much higher. The private FOM University has entered into a collaboration with the blockchain start-up TrustCerts from Gelsenkirchen so that their own degrees are not made mischievous.

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The certification of the certificates is inexpensive for the university, according to the press releasefor cooperation. At the same time, it is easy for employers and other agencies to check the information. This saved both parties time. Students would no longer have to have their documents certified, but could conveniently decide who has access to their data.

Conflict with data protection?

Whether the document is real and still valid and who issued it and when can easily be checked via the blockchain. Since nobody has to put the data online for this, the FOM wants to protect data protection in this way.

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Catharina Klumpp does not take it for granted that the universities can actually guarantee this. The lawyer specializing in “international technology companies” fears for the sovereignty of the students, as they could easily be forced to disclose all of their certificates.

Certificate verification via blockchain: Frankfurt and St. Gallen at the forefront

The FOM University is not the first to use the blockchain for verification. This has been the practice at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management since August 2018 . And the University of St. Gallen also started a similar project in September 2019 . She teamed up with the start-up BlackFactory to make her testimonials immune to counterfeiting. The documents are secured here on the Ethereum blockchain.

The IHK for Munich and Upper Bavaria also does not want to lose touch with digitization. With her project, she wants to be able to issue forgery-proof certificates – but the chamber has not yet implemented its own blockchain version. With the blockchain-based FIDES system, Bundesdruckerei is interested in ensuring that citizens can securely manage their identity and legal documents.

The FOM is already using its service at all 32 universities in Germany.

Andreas Pinkwart, Minister for Economy, Innovation, Digitization and Energy in North Rhine-Westphalia, however, is proud of the innovation from his state:

With the idea of ​​a digital notary , the start-up is showing the potential of the young founders in Gelsenkirchen. Even if your projects are still in the starting blocks, we want to give you the support you need and encourage you to stick with it,

Pinkwart can be quoted in the press release.